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Cablevey vs. Buckets

Dear Friend,

I’m a marketing guy with an interest in mechanical stuff. I’ve installed lighting and done electrical work years before I came here to work.

I was attracted to this company because the mechanical aspects of our conveyors seemed sound – and I liked the guys I met here.

In my work I talk to engineers, plant managers, designers and sometimes coffee or nut roasters.

We offer straightforward mechanical conveying systems being used every day around the world. It’s great to hear from our customers we’re doing a good job – and even interesting when we’re not sure how well we’ll convey materials (until we test them).

That’s part of the challenge – to keep the systems simple enough to work well while also keeping the competition at bay by making continual improvements.

We don’t know how we’re doing until you let us know how we’re doing – that’s why we’re here. To listen and evolve in a way that benefits you.

I’m interested in knowing what you want. Less downtime? Reliability? Are you looking for a way to do less daily maintenance?

I’d truly like to know – that’s why I’ve prepared this report. Because I’d like you to make the best decision possible when you buy your next conveyor system.

Lets face it - you need to get through each day – I’d like to make that easier – which is what this report talks about – our systems working efficiently and economically.

Get A Free Report Comparing Tubular
Drag Conveyors To Bucket Elevators

I’ve put this report together to let you know you have options to bucket elevators, aeromechanical systems, augers and chain conveyors.

Please download our free report and feel free to contact me.

Wishing you all the best,

Karl Seidel

Tubular Drag Conveyor

Get A Free Report Comparing Tubular
Drag Conveyors To Bucket Elevators

In this report you'll find out how our conveyors are different than bucket elevators so you can make an informed decision about your next conveyor purchase.
For example:
7 Ideas to Help You:
1- Cut down on dust - and get rid of air filters
2- Reduce amperage draw and associated electrical costs
3- Lower your material breakage rate (we've had reports of up to a 78% decrease!)
4- Slim down your maintenance time & routine
5- Improve how clean your working environment is each day
6- Decrease the amount of noise in your facility
7- Reclaim space you need
Get A Free Report Comparing Tubular
Drag Conveyors To Bucket Elevators


We chose Cablevey to move all of our whole bean and ground coffee inside our extensive Camarillo facility. It is self-cleaning, very productive and results in low breakage so we are extremely happy with the result. We have no maintenance worries. Cablevey even helped us program our customized panel. All my questions were answered promptly and accurately. I can especially vouch for how well suited Cablevey is to conveying beans and ground coffee. We use Cablevey to transport our coffee in various stages of production.

Chris Honeyman,
Mechanical Engineer
International Coffee (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf)
Los Angeles, CA

The system has surpassed our expectations, being very reliable, and requiring very little maintenance. We are now considering extending this system to give greater functionality, and are looking forward to the installation of additional systems.

Douglas White
Plant Engineer
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
Waterbury, VT USA

We roast and process tons of coffee continuously in our plant. We used Cablevey in a U pattern to feed whole bean coffee from a roaster into a group of several bins. By using Cablevey, I could get beans to the bins as gently as a belt-to-bucket system but it's more reliable and much less expensive. Our goal for whole coffee beans was less than three percent breakage but with Cablevey, we are running at less than one percent. I have five additional Cablevey systems that I’m getting ready to install for moving tea from a 10,000 pound silo using multiple discharge points. The tests ran beautifully.

Cablevey is the easiest, most cost- effective way of adding additional conveyor capacity. A lot of cable systems use chain and they are so, so noisy but Cablevey is self-tensioning and much quieter. Once we put the system in, we were done!. The clear tubing gives us a sense of the fill of the product and it looks cool going by! We’ve been using this system continuously since May and we are very happy with the results. If you can use Cablevey to replace a regular bucket and a belt conveyor, do it.

Carl Teten
Engineering Manager
S & D Coffee –
Concord, NC

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